“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.”

-Fawn Weaver

Photography for a Lifetime Program

Our goal at A Dream Within is to provide you with photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, statistics say that 50% of the weddings that we capture will end in divorce.  We find that baffling after seeing the love that is obviously there on the wedding day.  So to truly provide our clients with works of art that will be cherished for a lifetime, we are trying to do our part to help combat this statistic.  Studies show that people who go through pre-marital counseling/education are 31% less likely to get a divorce.  That is why we offer a 1% refund on your agreed upon collection for every hour of pre-marital counseling/education that you and your loved one goes through. (up to 10% and must have written proof)  
Yes we realize that this is quite a large discount, but it is that important to us that you and your love have a healthy marriage that only gets stronger as time goes on.  We believe that this is a good start to any marriage so we want to reward and encourage you to get pre-marital counseling/education.